Abstract submission – EEID 2020

We are accepting abstracts for a limited number of oral presentations (15 minutes each) and for two poster sessions. Please register for the meeting before submitting an abstract.

Abstract submission deadline is 20th April.

Please write your abstract using the following template and send it (pdf format only) to submit-eeid2020@services.cnrs.fr  

Don’t forget to indicate in your mail whether you would like to:

  1. Present a short (15 min) TALK. If so please choose one of the following sessions:

Session 1:  Diversity of host resistance to pathogens

Session 2:  Disease control: epidemiological, ecological and evolutionary consequences

Session 3:  The crazy life of microbes

Session 4:  Using genomics and immunity to infer pathogen dynamics.

2. Present a POSTER

If your abstract is not accepted for a talk please indicate whether you would like to present your work as a poster instead.

You will receive an automatic reply indicating that your email has been received. We will contact you mid-way to let you know whether your talk has been selected for a talk or a poster.
Please be aware that we will require all posters to follow the ‘Better poster’ format . Once your abstract has been accepted for a poster presentation we will send you a template and all the information you’ll need to make your poster.